West Philly Swingers is UPenn's official swing dancing troupe! We are both a social and a performance group. Members are required to attend lessons five times a month by our fantastic instructors Greg, Laurie, and Lauren and perform in at least one number in our show.


West Philly Swingers is proud to present the Penn Intercollegiate Lindy Exchange (PILE) for it’s 6th consecutive year! As always, we will strive to make this event as enjoyable, educational, and welcoming as we possibly can for a day full of lessons at three different tiers from professional instructors, competitions of oh so many different sorts, and of course, some incredible social dancing in partnership with Philly Fish Fry and an amazing live band!

Social Dancing

Philadelphia has a great swing dancing scene. Members of our troupe will often be seen at weekly social dancing events around the city such as Jazz Attack, Rittenhop, Powerhouse Blues, Philly Fish Fry, and University City Swing. If we happen to be in New York City, we also go to Frim Fram!


Members and alums who are available participate in PILE, Boston Tea Party, Lindy Focus, MAD Jam, NISE, and Liberty Swing. But competing is never mandatory! Sometimes we'll just attend the events for the great classes and the awesome dancing!


Our spring semester show was on April 14th and 15th at Prince Theater. All of our pieces are choreographed by our own members. We have a blast organizing our shows and our audiences have a blast watching them. They are not to be missed!